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Warning: You can end up in jail for driving abroad without a valid license

This is not a fun travel story, this is a warning. I’ve seen so many people asking if they should get an international or local driving license, and so many people recommending them not to get it, that I feel this is necessary. Me too asked this question once, and me too got recommended not […]

Chiang Khong, an unexplored treasure

To find unexplored and largely unknown treasures in Thailand you don’t necessarily have to leave the beaten path. There is lots to see in the cities that you would pass through anyway, like those little border towns in the Mekong region. While most people spend a night there before jumping on a boat to Laos or […]

Camping on the secret islands in Ang Nam Ngum Lake

I’ve been in places before that were not featured in the Lonely Planet or on Wikitravel. And I’m quite proud of that. But a random island without a name, unfindable on Google and for which even the locals don’t know how to get there? How can that be any good? It was awesome. How I […]

Visiting the Mumbai Slums

I’ll never forget my visit to this slum. I just finished watching Slumdog Millionaire when I set sail for the biggest slum in Asia: Mumbai’s Dharavi Slum. On my way there I traveled through the Victoria terminus, the train station where the last scene of Slumdog was shot. When I left the at the slum’s station, I somehow I […]

Cheap traveling in Nepal, India and Sri Lanka

The cheapest countries I’ve traveled through are India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. I’ve spent less than the normal price of a pack of cigarettes per day, and that was including cigarettes. How cheap is it really? Here are a few examples: Hotel rooms Basic accommodation ranges from € 3 to € 5 for a double in […]

How To: Go hiking around Muang Ngoi in Laos

I have written earlier how beautiful and impressive the Muang Ngoi area is, where you can explore beautiful little towns such as Ban Huaybur, Ban Na, Ban Huaysen, Ban Kioukhan and Ban Hatsaphuai. If you haven’t read the other article yet, please take a look at this first: Laos off the beaten track: The Muang Ngoi […]

Laos off the beaten track: The Muang Ngoi area

Muang Ngoi is on offbeat destination like Pai or Sapa; not everyone goes there but too many people do. It is four hours by bus plus one hour by boat from Luang Prabang and the trip on the Nam Ou river is magnificent. The area around Muang Ngoi is the real treasure. You’ll find great […]

How To: Get a Thai visa in India

It is actually quite easy to get a Thai visa in Delhi. First of all, you have to decide if you actually want the visa. Do I need a Thai visa? Nationals of 41 countries, mostly Western countries, won’t need a visa for Thailand. These countries are listed here: http://www.thaiembassy.com/thailand/changes-visa-exempt.php These nationals can get a […]

Five real off the beaten track destinations in South East Asia

As South East Asia gets more and more popular along travelers, it gets harder and harder to find true destinations that are both off the beaten track and worth exploring. I have spent 1,5 years cruising around SEA by busses, trains, boats and motorbikes and have found some truly offbeat places for you. I’m not talking Pai […]